How To Order

Order Processing:

Reed and cane orders are completed in the order they are received. Please use the comments section of the order form to let me know if there is a certain date that you would like to receive the reeds, and I will make every effort to meet your timeline. Due to the refined nature of the reed making process, and the fact that I make each reed by hand from start to finish, completion time varies based upon current workload. I am glad to keep you updated on the progress of your order at any time.  Cane orders generally move faster than reed orders, depending on workload.



USPS first class shipping  generally takes 3-4 days, Priority Mail  is guaranteed 2-3 days, and Express Mail is guaranteed 1-2 days.  Please be advised that the shipping time refers only to the actual days in transit, and does not include the processing time for me to complete the order prior to shipment.



For finished reeds, there are options of student reeds (in various strengths), or custom reeds.  When ordering custom reeds, various shapes are available from which to choose. If you are unsure, select “No Preference” and tell me in the customer comments section what brand and or strength you currently use. I will make the reeds as similarly as possible to what you are used to. For those who would like consistency in ordering, select the shape you prefer. Sometimes private teachers can help you choose a shape, or you can experiment with the various choices and determine what works best for you. If you would like to make any special requests, please do so in the comment section. I will read and respond to these requests when completing your order. Some helpful information might be the brand and strength you currently use, and how long you have been playing (or what level, i.e. “amateur” or “student”). Once we have established what works for you, I can make future reeds for you in the same manner.  There are also options for unfinished reeds (basic scraping done) or reed blanks (no scraping at all).  These can be helpful options for those who are learning the reed making process.

For cane orders, select gouged only or gouged and shaped. Shape selection is meant to offer you the opportunity to experiment or maintain consistency, whichever you need for your reed making process. Specifics in terms of gouge measurements can be requested in the comment section. All cane is hand sorted, processed and measured. Your satisfaction is my priority. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I appreciate your business!


I will accept the return of shipping boxes, plastic reed tubes and cork staples for reuse on your future orders. The return of these items will earn you a $5.00 discount for every 5 reeds ordered. The discount applies for as many future orders as items returned. The supplies you return will only be used for your personal orders, recycled materials are not shared between customers. During check-out, use the coupon code “recycle” to claim your discount (use one coupon for each 5 reeds ordered).  Thank you for participating in this program to cut back on the environmental impact of my business! Please send used materials to:

Alyssa McKeithen
935 N Beneva Ste 801 #52253

Sarasota, FL 34232